Custom Steel Creations for Phoenix Properties and Communities

As the Phoenix area’s top retailer and installer for custom steel products for homes and commercial spaces, Steel Creations & Fabrication, Inc. is proud to work with not just homeowners, but also property managers and HOAs. We specialize in creating custom ironwork that’s not only beautiful, but functional as well. Whether your property or HOA community is in need of security doors, gates, fencing or railings, or grab rails for safety and compliance, our team can help! Steel Creations & Fabrication was formed in 2010, but our team has worked together for over 20 years, and that gives us years of experience working with homeowners and property managers, as well as experience in navigating the HOA project process to find solutions to the challenges that Valley communities face.

Custom Creations, Serving the Entire Phoenix Area
If you are a property manager in the Valley, or work in some capacity with an HOA serving a community, you have a responsibility to keep your properties and communities in compliance for the safety and security of the residents you serve. Investing in or upgrading to custom steel gates, fences, rails, or otherwise will ensure not only that you’re doing your due diligence for the safety of your tenants and residents, but will ensure that your investment is beautiful and long-lasting because of the superior quality Steel Creations & Fabrication is proud to offer. We make the process easy on you, and are always focused on using quality materials, superior craftsmanship, and amazing customer service. Let’s take a look at some of the projects we would be happy to help you with!

Pool Fences & Gates, for Both Homes and Community Pools
In the Phoenix area, pool drownings happen all too frequently, and can often be avoided. For everyone involved, a drowning can be tragic, and property managers and HOAs can be held liable if the fencing or gates surrounding a pool is faulty, giving unwanted access to vulnerable residents that could end in tragedy. Many residential pool and community fences were installed years ago, and are not up to current code or do not work properly. At Steel Creations & Fabrications, we are committed to making every pool fence and gate we create and install is in compliance with current codes and safety regulations. Plus, to maintain compliance during the install of your new custom pool fence and gate, we will keep the existing gate in place while we install our product so the pool can remain open, accessible, and safe! 

For HOA communities, we often see that the builder-grade materials that were used are not top-quality like we use, and therefore the fencing and gates surrounding community pools do not hold up to constant use by residents, or are quickly damaged by the hot Valley sun. We only use the highest quality materials, and we are able to solve pool gate issues to make entering and exiting user-friendly, but still safe and compliant. As mentioned previously, Steel Creations & Fabrications works regularly with HOAs, so we are comfortable with the bidding process to allow HOA boards to plan for future expenses. Check out some of our recent fencing projects to get an idea of the security and beauty we can add to your community. 

Perimeter Fencing for HOA Communities
Many Valley HOA communities have common areas that have perimeter fencing that desperately need to be replaced. For residents, that outdated ugly fencing can be an eyesore, but it can also be a safety hazard, which can mean a liability issue for Phoenix area property managers. We often see that the builder grade materials that were used aren’t quality materials, and can often fade in the Valley sun or rust, especially in grass areas where they’re constantly exposed to sprinkler systems. Steel Creations & Fabrications customizes every product for every project, so we can install galvanized fencing to limit the chance of rusting, and we can match designs to the existing aesthetic of the community area, or we can create beautiful custom designs to incorporate some functional art that’ll serve as a show piece for your community! If the property you are managing is on a golf course or in another planned community with strict material and color requirements, we can work directly with you to make sure your fencing is in compliance. 

HOA Pedestrian Gates and Automated Entry Gates
One of the most important aspects of a community is the safety and security of the residents and their property. Of course, we can never be 100% safe, but many people opt to live in gated communities for the extra sense of security they provide. 

Pedestrian gates help create added security to HOA communities, and should be both functional and beautiful. If your community has pedestrian gates that don’t serve their intended purpose of limiting access to the neighborhoods, homes, and residents that live there. Unfortunately, when communities are planned and built, construction projects are often awarded to the lowest bidder, and that can mean their lower quality products aren’t built to last. Steel Creations & Fabrications only uses the highest quality materials, and we can modify existing locks and install self-closing systems to enhance the security in your community. 

We also specialize in building and installing beautiful, secure vehicle entry gate systems for gated HOA communities, apartment complexes, and other commercial spaces. We work with many access control companies around the state to provide fabrication services for new subdivisions, as well as with HOA boards to provide gate replacements that have helped update the community’s entry points. Our experience and excellent communication helps HOA boards feel comfortable and informed while working with our team, and our superior products help residents feel safe and secure. 

HOA Trash Gates and Utility Projects
Who says a dumpster area has to be unsightly? Many HOA communities that we work with have unique needs, and we are happy to provide solutions to common problems. If your community needs right of way gates to secure areas of the property, custom fencing, cages, or screens around pump rooms or storage areas, or new dumpster gates for a community trash area, we would be happy to work with you. A member of our team will travel to your site to assess your needs in person, and we will discuss what you want and how it will be designed, fabricated and installed. We’re proud of our work, and you will be satisfied with the end result!

Fall Protection and Railings
Accidents happen, but many can be prevented! Our team works with clients on prevention by replacing railings that are rusted or in disrepair, and we can add railings to prevent falls and make residents aware of hazards. If you’re an HOA management company or serve on the board, or are a residential or commercial property manager, we would love to assess your areas of concern, and work with you to be sure you are in compliance and not jeopardizing the safety of your residents. Check out some of our beautiful interior and exterior railings and grab rails we’ve designed, built, and installed. 

Dog Park Fencing and Gates
Dog parks are a common feature in many Valley neighborhoods, and the fencing surrounding the perimeter of your dog park as well as the entry gates should provide residents with peace of mind when visiting the park with their canines. Just like any builder-grade fencing used, the fencing surrounding dog parks can become worn in the Valley sun, and may need to be replaced. We have plenty of experience installing beautiful dog park fencing and entry gates that’ll keep your neighborhood pups and residents safe. 

Contact Steel Creations & Fabrication For Custom Ironwork Today!
If you are a homeowner, property manager, work with an HOA or within a planned community, we can create beautiful and functional pieces that will fit in the aesthetic of your home and community. We understand the need to be unique, but still compliant with community regulations, and would love to see how we can create a custom piece that enhances the security and the beauty of your space. Contact us today via our website, or call us at 623-223-1163. And be sure to follow our facebook page to check out all of our latest creations! 

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